Gold Grows on Trees

Gold TreeMoney may not grow on trees but Aussie Researches tell us that gold certainly can.  A recent study reveals that the roots of eucalyptus trees have the ability to draw up gold particles from the soil, which in turn collects in their leaves and branches. Although growing gold in this manner would hardly be worth the effort, the more important finding is that the precious metal in the leaves can indicate valuable gold deposits 100 feet or more below the surface.

To illustrate this point further, geochemist Mel Linter states that if you had 500 eucalyptus trees growing over a gold deposit you would only produce enough gold for one wedding ring. However, even though the amount of gold in the tree is very small, their presence in the trees can indicate that there are large reserves of gold underneath.

This is an exciting development because analyzing the gold content of trees would be a much more efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly way of testing areas for potential gold exploration. Mining companies usually drill test holes to locate gold ore deposits and one drill hole could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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