Gold Rush


On January 23, the world’s fortunes changed drastically. That is, according to Chinese astrologers who predict that this is the year that big things will come to pass. The date marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, the most auspicious of the twelve years in the Lunar zodiac.

To those who celebrate the Lunar New Year, celebrations are unlike any other holiday of the year. Endless plates of delicacies and treats are laid out, dance and song are commonplace, and joyous festivities are carried out in the streets. People with all types of social and economical backgrounds come together to rejoice equally.


The year of the dragon is also breathing new life into gold prices. The Chinese have always cherished gold for its opulence and the ability to hold its’ value, and its demand more than doubles as the time approaches a new year. The rush in demand for gold this season is due to many combining factors – shortly after the New Year comes the Chinese Spring Festival, and with the coming of Spring invites prime wedding season.

This year in particular, we are seeing a spike in gold buying more as a solid investment, especially with the future of the world economy being unpredictable. The strong demand is due to gold’s versatility – it can be seen as beauty in jewelry, currency in coins, or simply as a store of value.

Gold Lady

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