Growing popularity of the Push Present

PresentSometimes referred to as “push gifts” or “baby bauble” a push present is a gift, most often of jewellery, that a new father gives to a new mother when she delivers their child. The gift is a sentiment of appreciation to the wife for working so hard and carrying the child for nine months and for “pushing” through all the pain that came with bringing this new life into the world.  This growing trend is attributed to the media coverage of celebrities receiving them. Some of their stores follow.

  • Kanye West made headlines last month when he gave Kim Kardashian a $770,000 tiger stripe diamond ring just after their daughter, North West, was born.
  • Beyonce got a highly publicized push present from Jay-Z after she gave birth to Blue IvyCarter in January. He surprised his wife with a 8 carat electric blue tanzanite ring at $35,000.
  • Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist, hit the tabloids when she received a 10 carat cushion cut diamond from her husband Roger Berman for the birth of their son, Skyler. The ring was estimated at $300,00.
  • When Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins in February 2008 her husband Marc Anthony gave her a $300,000 8 carat canary diamond ring with a $2.5 million set of matching earrings.


Push presents aren’t only for the rich and famous though. A survey from found that 38% of new moms receive push presents and 55% of woman actually wanted one. About 40% of woman said the baby itself was enough of a present for them and they didn’t want anything other than that. “It’s more and more an expectation of moms these days that they deserve something for bearing the burden for nine months, getting sick, ruining their body,” said Linda Murray, global editor-in-chief of “The guilt really gets piled on.”

So what is the perfect push present? In another site called a column with the title “10 Amazing Push Gifts,” seven of the 10 recommended items were jewellery related.  Other gits included large screen TV, stationery, and a family vacation.We are recommending jewellery as they say “diamonds are forever” symbolizing romance and love. Some ideas include diamond stud earrings, diamond bracelet, diamond heart pendant, or a diamond solitaire ring. She will adore any gift but the ultimate gift is the start of a new family with her beloved partner and baby.Here at Secret Sapphire in Yaletown we have an array of diamonds in different settings to suit any new mamas needs. Just another idea to gift your pretty lady with! Come on down and we can talk about options or getting a custom made item as well.