He Proposed! Now What Should I Do?

Diamond RingsBefore starting to plan the wedding, here are some things to consider right after the proposal.

First, share the news! Your family and friends will be (almost) as happy as you that he has popped the question. Consider taking some high quality, artistic pictures of the ring to show distant relatives and friends so they can ooh and ahh over your gorgeous ring too.

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Before you do that however, consider getting a nice manicure. Everybody is going to be looking at your hands, so pretty them up! You want all the attention to be on the ring, so it’s best to stay with neutral colors or a French manicure. However, if your center stone is a colored gemstone, you can try this tip to make the color in your ring pop: look up the complementary color and paint your nails that shade. For example if you have a blue sapphire ring, having your nails in a shade of bright yellow will make the sapphire look even bluer!

Think about insuring your ring. It has not only a monetary value but a very sentimental value too. Your ring should have come with an appraisal from your jeweler, which you can take to the insurance company for proof.

Don’t forget to enjoy this moment! You and your beloved are about to embark on a lifetime commitment. Spend some quality time with each other, as planning a wedding can be very stressful in the coming months.

Set a budget and set a date early on. These will guide you in all the little choices you have to make; they all concern cost allocation and time management.

Start dreaming. Remember the vision of the perfect wedding you had when you were a little girl? Begin thinking of what kind of venue, number of guests, and décor you want. Sign up for some bridal magazines or look at wedding boards on Pinterest to gather ideas.

Last but not least, don’t forget the wedding bands. Unlike your engagement ring, these bands are likely what you will wear every day. Choose what will best fit your lifestyle, and keep in mind the maintenance and durability. Custom made rings are a great option to ensure an exact size and comfort fit. Platinum, 19 and 18 karat gold are popular metal types, be sure to ask your jeweler about the pros and cons of each. For more information about custom made rings, come by or phone in 604 558 3638 for a consultation with Monica at Secret Sapphire. We can create your dream ring that fits into your budget and lifestyle.