Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Heart Shaped Diamond RingWhen you think of an engagement ring, many things may come to mind – love, commitment and loyalty. No cut is more romantic than the heart-shape to solidify this token of an everlasting bond. It is said that the fourth finger on your left hand has a vein that connects directly to the heart, how fitting to have a heart shaped diamond, as your beloved gives you his heart to link directly to yours.

For those who opt for a different center stone in an engagement ring, a heart shaped ring can still be given as an anniversary gift, Valentine ’s Day present, or promise ring.

The exact origin of the heart shaped cut is unknown. However, the earliest brilliant cut can be traced back in history to the 16th century, where it was depicted in a painting by Frans Pourbus, on the arm of the Margarita Gonzaga Princess of Mantua.Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

Sentimental features aside, the physical cut looks essentially like a pear shaped cut, except for the cleft in the middle of the rounded side. There have been modifications in the process of cutting the diamond to give it more brilliance and sparkle; a Heart shaped Brilliant cut has 59 facets, similar to the Round Brilliant and Princess Brilliant cuts.

For the most romantic gift on Valentine’s Day or any other occasion, a heart shaped diamond is sure to make any woman’s heart beat faster.