Hermes Diamond Encrusted Purse

HermesIn our daily lives we always try and add a new sparkle to boring and mundane objects. Shoes, iPhones and now even purses have diamond encrusted jewels added to them to make them pop!

Recently, Hermes has created a diamond encrusted bag designed by the accessory designer, Pierre Hardy. Hardy was hired to design a handbag that featured 1,160 diamonds. But the real jaw dropper – it’s not even a real purse! The bronze crocodile scaled handbag is meant to be worn as a bracelet. The rose gold handle is to be worn as the piece which lies on your wrist.

This miniature bag took Kelly bags two years to design!! The bag is so small it has been claimed to not even be able to fit a pair of sunglasses. Hermes executives say “There’s no doubt these bags will be bought”. There are four versions of this bag and each one will only be produced three times. Talk about limited edition. Who do you think will buy this $2 million dollar handbag? Would you?

Here at Secret Sapphire, although we don’t carry any purses or shoes that are encrusted with diamonds, we do carry practical pieces of jewelry which are encrusted with beautiful gemstones including plenty of diamonds. With many different designers and collections, we have jewelry to fit everyone’s palate! Come on by Yaletown and check us out.