Highlights of JCK Las Vegas 2012 & Hearts on Fire

DreamIf you read the previous post about JCK Las Vegas or heard of it from elsewhere, you would be well aware of what it entails. Here is a quick run-down for those who don’t know: JCK is an online publication detailing news, trends, and prices of the jewelry industry. Every year, they hold a fine jewelry show convention in Las Vegas where thousands of industry professionals gather to network, keep up with trends, and buy and sell jewelry pieces. Here are some of the highlights and trends that emerged at the show:

Square shaped fancy cuts (fancy cuts are any cut that is not a round) were strong in demand, with a shortage of well-made fancies in the market.

Additionally, triple Ex rounds are in demand. Triple Ex refers to the GIA form of grading – meaning, excellent in three categories: proportions, polish, and symmetry. Best demand for SI clarity diamonds.

Rough diamonds are holding steady at their prices, so polished diamond suppliers are keeping their prices the same – there is little to no profitability right now in manufacturing. Diamond price trends point to a steady increase, making them an attractive investment.Hearts On Fire

Worldwide acclaimed diamond brand Hearts on Fire showed received strong interest as a key exhibitor at the luxury show “Couture”. The brand has the “World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond”, as they focus above all on the cut of their diamonds with meticulous and innovative processes. For example, they have a unique polishing mechanism that uses diamond dust and the Rolls-Royce engine anti vibration technology to bring their diamonds to perfection. They are also cut up to 120x magnification, which is 12 times more than the industry standard.

The HOF patented Dream cut – their version of a square cut – holds all the classic elements of a round brilliant cut of true brilliance, fire and sparkle while being in a fancy shape.

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