How to Choose a Mens Tungsten Band

Here at Secret Sapphire, we have one of the largest collections of men’s contemporary metal bands in Vancouver: tungsten, white tungsten, cobalt, titanium, and ceramic. Whether you are looking for a simple style or an interesting style, a wedding band or a fun right hand ring, you should consider contemporary metals for their highly scratch-resistant properties and very affordable prices!

Without a doubt, our tungsten bands are our bestselling men’s rings. The majority of the grooms-to-be we see opt for one – the substantial weight gives it a luxurious feel, while its unparalleled hardness will keep it looking luxurious for years and years. If you feel like tungsten could be the choice for you, read on to find out how to choose from one of our many styles:

Tungsten or White Tungsten?

We have two types of tungsten material: natural tungsten and white tungsten. Tungsten in its natural state takes on a grayish hue, giving it a rather industrial look. Not to be confused with dull however, as when highly polished it still retains a mirror-like finish. This would be a great choice for men who don’t wear much jewelry on a day to day basis, as tungsten looks more subtle. White tungsten is very bright, similar to the look of rhodium-plated white gold jewelry. It is more eye-catching than natural tungsten and will suit almost all skin tones.


Our tungsten rings come in widths of 4mm, 6.3mm, 8.3mm, and 10mm, with our most popular being 6.3mm. Choosing the right width for you comes down to personal preference, and what looks proportionate to the size of your hand and fingers. You may find that this is the easiest part of the selection process!


Finish refers to the surface appearance of a metal. The most common is a high polish finish, and in white tungsten especially will give off a very bright, reflective appearance. The other finishes available are satin, bark, brushed, hammered, and glass blasted, which will take on a muted, darker appearance. Some of the bands will have a combination of high polish and another finish. Several styles will have an option for finish customization, just ask us!


Lastly, and probably the most important, is choosing the style. A band will fall under one of four groups: classic, classic with a twist, inlays, and with stones.white tungsten 2

  • Classic: plain, high polish, flat or domed bands
  •  Classic with a twist: all-tungsten bands that have a uniform feature and/or more than one finish. For example, beveled edges, ridged edges, grooved, faceted, diamond cut, milgrain, black PVD, concave, et cetera. There are many combinations available for a variety of different looks.
  • Inlay: Tungsten can be inlayed with other metals or materials including sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, ceramic, carbon fiber, and black enamel. Many of these may be a special order, so let us know if you have something in mind and we will try and find an option for you!
  • With stones: these bands come with one or more bezel set (set flat into the band) colorless or black diamonds in them. We can also substitute these for another stone of your choice; ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, citrine, topaz.. you name it.

If you still don’t have an idea of what you want, we invite you to come down and visit us for a casual consultation – AKA try on as many rings as you can! – at our downtown Vancouver location on the corner of Davie St and Richards St. Our business hours are from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30am to 5:30pm.

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