Hunger Games Pin Brought To Life

Mockingjay PinWhen choosing jewelry for films, designers such as Dana Schneider are given a huge responsibility for portraying the characters and movie direction. Dana Schneider has designed jewelry for more than 40 movies such as The Matrix, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Green Lantern and her first film, Johnny Depp’s From Hell.

In the Hunger Games, Jane Schneider created the symbolic Mockingjay Pin which plays a very important role throughout the film and throughout the entire book series. In order to bring the pin to life, Jane Schneider used the book cover as reference and designed “The pin to be strong, but look genuine, antique, and delicate”.

This pin was worn by actress Jennifer Lawrence playing the brave Katniss Everdeen.Hunger Games Pin

The pin symbolized the rebellion and the revolt of the people against the Capitol. Like the Mockingjay Pin, jewelry symbolises much more than the item itself. An engagement ring for an example symbolises the bond between two people and the promise they have made to one another.

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