“Something in the Ice” Wins Proposal Contest

Ice SculptureThe Jewelry Information Center (JIC) chose “Something in the Ice” as the winner of the third annual Ultimate Proposal Contest among hundreds of entries nationwide.

Something in the Ice was submitted by Melissa Geer from Pittsburgh, whose fiancé Daniel Monarko created an elaborate proposal that, according to Amanda Gizzi spokesperson for JIC, “contained all the elements that make a marriage proposals special – surprise, thoughtfulness – and of course a beautiful engagement ring.”

Melissa thought they were on their way to a friend’s engagement party at a local restaurant in Pittsburgh – little did she know, it turned out they would be celebrating their own. As the couple made their way to the restaurant situated in a busy courtyard area with many restaurants and shops, they stopped in front of a crowd to watch a man starting to cut into a large block of ice on stage. A few moments later with the help of a blowtorch, the shape of a massive diamond ring appeared in the ice. He completed the sculpture by etching the words, “Melissa Will You Marry Me” to which the answer was a resounding yes!

Daniel even hired professional photographers to capture the entire event, and their story impressed the local news channel which featured it as a story that same evening. The celebration continued over a lovely dinner, where they both got to relive and share the moment with close family and friends.

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