Iconic Tiffany Diamond Reset for 175th Anniversary

DiamondTo mark the 175th anniversary of Tiffany & Co., the company is resetting the Tiffany Diamond – one of the world’s finest and largest fancy yellow diamonds.

The iconic diamond started out as a rough stone of 287.42 carats, mined from the South African Kimberly mines in 1877. It was acquired a year later by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, who brought it to his Paris workshop where it was cut into a 128.54 carat cushion-shape brilliant with an unprecedented 82 facets in place of the traditional 58 facet brilliant cut. Cut to enhance its radiant color rather than size, the stone sparkles with an inner fire.

The new design is a collective collaboration between Tiffany’s jewelry designers, and represents a year’s work of its’ skilled artisans. The necklace is made to rest close to the neckline and made of white diamonds, alternating the larger 20 Lucida diamonds with 58 brilliant cut diamonds. The Diamond’s mounting is an openwork motif of sun rays, designed with 481 sparkling stones.Anniversary Diamond

Executive vice president Jon King says of the Tiffany Yellow: “The diamond is the most important gemstone in the world and honors the vision of our founder, whose acquisition of the stone established Tiffany’s diamond heritage. Resetting the Tiffany Diamond represents a commitment to the future and design innovation.”

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