The Stone of Heaven

JadeJadeJade is and has always been an extremely precious stone to people everywhere. Tribes in Central America considered jade as holy and used it to adorn royalty. In Chinese culture, jade is used as a status symbol to show ones worth. This precious stone is traditionally known as a light green coloured. However, it can actually come in a variety of colours including black, white, orange, blue, lavender and a variety of shades of green.

There are many myths and ideas about why jade is so sacred to different tribes worldwide. Many people believe that by wearing jade, one can protect themself from evil. In ancient times, Confucius wrote that jade was considered a link to the heavens. Central American tribes believed that it had healing properties and that wearing jade was good for the kidneys. Emperors in China were buried with it because they believed it would preserve the body from decaying. Regardless of whether or not these myths are true, no one can argue with the beauty of this stone. Here at Secret Sapphire we have bracelets and rings made of and adorned with green jade. Come in to 493 Davie Street and check out the pieces yourself!