Japanese Jeweler Creates Gold Godzilla Statue Worth $1.5M for 60th Anniversary

gold godzillaIt has been 60 years since one of the most recognizable movie monsters hit the big screen, and a Japanese jeweler has chosen to commemorate the anniversary of Godzilla in a big way.

To honor the “king of monsters”, fine jeweler Ginza Tanaka has created a replica made of 24-karat gold worth over $1.5 million. At just over 23cm tall, it weighs an almost surprising 15 kilos – until you realize that the entire statue is carved of solid gold. The proportions are based off of the Godzilla that starred in the 1989 film, Godzilla vs Biollante, although the designers did add some extra bulk and definition making the overall physique both impressive and intimidating.godzilla_ver7_xlg

Travelers to Japan this summer can see the golden Godzilla in person. It will debut in Tokyo’s upscale Shibuya district at the G Haku Godzilla exhibit until the end of July, then make its way through Ginza at the jeweler’s flagship store and then a famous department store in Osaka for the rest of August.

The giant reptile has appeared in 28 films, and has most recently starred in the reboot film earlier in May this year titled simply Godzilla. Directed by Gareth Edwards, the sci-fi film grossed nearly $500 million at the box office… proving that Godzilla continues to enthrall audiences worldwide over half a century later.