What your jewellery says about you

JewelryJewellery is often worn as a personal touch to an otherwise generic outfit – be that an office suit, jeans and a t-shirt or a little black dress. The jewels we choose reflect the mood we are in and our personal style.
The media is often scrutinizing celebrities’ outfits on the red carpet and at political inaugurations. We might not suffer such mass examination, but we are nonetheless giving away some secrets about ourselves.

The Fashionista:
If you love to follow the trends and be seen in the latest hot styles then your wardrobe is most likely large and always changing. You are a social person with many friends. You like to fit in, while at the same time standing out from the crowd. You are glamorous and feisty. You know what you want and you will likely get it. Designer jewellery is a must for you.

Trendsetter Retro:
The style may not be “in” today, but you rock it like it is because you know how to wear it and you wear it well. You wear your jewels to raise eyebrows and questions, curiously familiar. You love vintage and antiques, not classical pieces as such, more classics of an age. You are an old soul proudly honouring the past from which we all came. Art deco, mixed media, unusual motifs all belong to you.

Elegant sophisticate:
Understated feminine grace. The soft glow of pearls, or the twinkle of a diamond here and there. You are beautiful and modest. You do not like to show off, but your beauty is always noticed. You are family oriented and traditional, thoughtful and make a great friend. You may switch up your earrings, but you will always wear that special ring. Quality gemstones are your favourite.

Eclectic traveller:
You have pearls from your mum, silver jewellery from Mexico, shell pieces you made for yourself in Fiji, diamonds from your fiancé, acrylic beads and flashy cocktail rings you bought on a whim…. And you wear them all. Not always together, but however and whenever you choose. You are adventurous and artistic, interesting and unpredictable. You have a few but very close friends. Each of your pieces tells you a private story. Charm jewellery is the best gift for you.

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