Take care of your jewellery when you travel

RingMany of our wedding and engagement ring clients zip off round the world to marry in exotic locations. This makes for an exclusive wedding experience, but while many have considered their flower choices, outfits, invites and the other wedding details, have packed their sunscreen and shades for the weather; many overlook the necessary care requirements for their precious jewellery.

We provide each of our customers with a complimentary jewellery cleaner to maintain the look of their jewellery on a regular basis, but special considerations are required for jewellery on vacation. Here is a list of things to consider before taking your jewels abroad:

  • Do not wear jewellery in a sauna or if you are going to be baking in the sun. The metal will burn as it heats up and many gemstones are damaged by prolonged exposure to heat.
  • Sand will scratch the surface of most metals.
  • Take jewellery off before applying makeup, perfume, hairspray or lotion
  • Do not wear your jewellery in the pool as depending on the chemicals used for chlorination it can tarnish jewellery. Avoid salt water also.
  • To prevent scratches while travelling, pack your jewellery individually so that the pieces are not rubbing together. Use small plastic zip seal bags as a convenient container which will not only protect the items from each other but also from the elements that cause tarnishing.
  • Be especially careful around hot springs with silver jewellery as even the sulphur in the air as you approach the tub will tarnish the metal.

Different gemstones require different attention:

  • Diamonds are the hardest stone so are more likely to cause damage to other metals and stones it comes into contact with. It does however attract grease so as well as avoiding contact with lotions etc, avoid touching your diamonds as the oils on your fingers will stick to the stone reducing its shine instantly.
  • Other stones: many other gemstones are soft and porous. Do not expose to excess sunlight, heat, chemicals or oils. Store carefully to avoid scratching and do not immerse in water. Pearls and coloured gemstones can change colour and lose their desirable luster when damaged.
  • Make sure that any valuable jewellery is covered in your holiday insurance. Take photos and where possibe get an evaluation/appraisal so that in the worst case scenario you can replace anything that is broken or stolen.

If in doubt, come in and ask Monica for her professional opinion. If your rings do get scratched up in the sand we have a polishing wheel on site to remove surface scratches in softer metals and where rings are tarnished from chemicals we provide a rhodium plating service which will bring your white gold jewellery back to its mirror-look shine and make your ring look as good as new again. With stones, however, once they are discoloured there is usually no turning back, so take heed and respect your gems. We are located in Yaletown at 493 Davie Street and are open Tuesday – Saturday 10.30-5.30.