Kicking off December In Style: $2 Million Tanzanite Heels

tanzanite_sandalsDecember is the month of celebration, marking the end of a great year and also hope for the upcoming one. All the more celebration for those whose birthdate also happens to be in December! There are a few stones considered to be the birthstone of December, including topaz, turquoise, and tanzanite. Tanzanite stands out from the rest not only with its deeper violetish blue hue, but it is also the most valuable semi-precious gemstone. It is a relatively new discovery, first unearthed in northeastern Tanzania in 1967. To date, Tanzania is the only country in the world where tanzanite is found, which speaks to its’ rarity.

For those who truly want to celebrate this December in style, there are these jaw-dropping shoes that will have you dripping in jewels – Stuart Weitzman “Tanzanite Heels”. Stuart Weitzman is known for his outrageous and over the top shoe creations that will easily run you seven figures. “Tanzanite Heels” are a pair of silver evening sandals featuring over 185 carats (!) of fine quality purplish-blue tanzanites and accented with 28 carats of brilliant diamonds. A single pair is valued at approximately $2 million, enough to tie for the second spot on the list of the “World’s Most Expensive Shoes” (the other pair in the number two spot is also a Weitzman creation).

Birthstone jewelry makes a great personalized gift without necessarily breaking the bank. A simple solitaire pendant, or a strand of the gemstone of choice by Margo Morrison is great for casual everyday wear. For special occasions, perhaps a custom made ring or bracelet accented with diamonds. Contact us at and we’d be happy to help you decide on the perfect gift!