Layering Necklaces

NecklacesLayering has and will continue to be a big trend for the summer. It can be used to dress up or down, as we see the layered look over t-shirts and shorts as well as fancy dresses. The best part is that by layering different pieces together you will have a unique look for every outfit! From just three necklaces you have seven different looks. Through mismatching the chains, lengths, beads and pendants, you are able to reinvent your old pieces while showcasing the new pieces. Some popular ideas for mismatching your necklaces are:

  • Wear a pendant over a beaded gemstone necklace to give you a textured look and fill up your neckline.
  • Be bold and layer your beaded necklaces with a Bonn Bonn charm necklace.
  • Stay classy and layer a few different shades of gemstone necklaces with a pearl strand or two.

BlakeWe offer a wide variety of gemstone necklaces from the Margo Morrison line, sold exclusively at Secret Sapphire in Vancouver. These can be layered on their own as they come in many different colours and shades or with a variety of different options we have in store. These include an assorted number of pendant choices including 14 karat gold, sterling silver and the unique Bonn Bonn charm necklaces. Visit Secret Sapphire today at 493 Davie Street to see our wide selection and pick out a few necklaces for your own collection!