Mangagement Rings

Mens RingCompared to 50 years ago, individuality and creativity are more valued now than the uniformity that was present in most lifestyle aspects of yore. Our laws and traditions have also changed due to the power of progressive thinking – one of the most notable feats is the recognition of same-sex marriage.

Couples who get engaged, regardless of sexual orientation, face the same obstacle: what kind of engagement ring will I get? Traditionally, for heterosexual couples the man will present the woman with a ring to signify the beginning of the engagement. However, a survey earlier this year from and Men’s Health magazine found that 17% of men would wear a “man-gagement ring”. This signifies the beginning of a paradigm shift towards non-traditional values, and also of gender equality – if women get to show off the fact that they are happily engaged, why can’t men do so too?Propose

According to JCK, an online jewelry industry publication, jewelers will also have to account for more same-sex engagement ring plans, which could yield a slew of non-traditional designs.

Custom designs are almost always chosen for those wanting to have an input into what goes into the ring. For the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, there is no better way than to let your significant other know that you have put a lot of thought into it.

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