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Margo Morrison Feature!!

In Style magazine has issued a top ten looks spread for Blake Lively, star in the hit TV show, Gossip Girl. Amongst these looks, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors are being worn by the blonde bombshell. The second best look Lively is featured in, is with 10 magnificent Margo Morrison necklaces. The necklaces seen below are made of stones likesmokyquartz and green garnet. Complimenting her sheath Dolce & Gabbana dress and blonde highlights, the Margo Morrison collection accents it perfectly.

Here at Secret Sapphire in heart of Yaletown Vancouver we carry a large variety of Margo Morrison necklaces and bracelets. All of these items range from $300 – $1500, therefore can accommodate to a variety of budgets.