Men Are From Mars, Women Are From PSR J1719-1438

Diamond Planet

Move over Cullinan Diamond – there’s something out there that will give you a run for your money. Way, way, out there in fact. Astronomers have spotted an exotic planet about 4,000 light years away in the constellation of Serpens, which is made mostly of diamond!

Under close examination of this planet, which has been named PSR J1719-1438, showed that it is comprised largely of carbon, yet because of its’ very high density they have concluded that most of it is in crystalline structure.

How did this happen? Diamonds are made from carbon that is put under extremely high pressures and a certain temperature range, over a period of many years. This carbon planet rotates around a flashing star, known as a very fast spinning pulsar which emits beams of radiation. The planet is actually believed to be the remains of a once massive star, which has gradually lost its outer layers to the pulsar star that it now orbits.

It is hard to estimate how much this planet (which is 5 times bigger than Earth) is worth… To put it into our perspective, it would be about one times ten to the 29th power carats large! But it poses no threat to our diamond market since it is so far away; we have little hope of ever coming close to it. But if you are ever star gazing and one star is twinkling a little more brightly than the others, you will know what you are seeing.

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