Mens wedding bands Vancouver

mens bandsWhat’s hot for men in wedding bands? Men like to feel manly and jewellery can sometimes come across as a feminine thing, but with bands like the Tungsten matte finish they can still retain their masculine composure. The matte finish has a brush like look that creates a rough around the edges feel. There’s also the gunpowder black band that appeals to the bad boys. Plus there are many other options on the market that are more acceptable today. The traditions have changed and more variety, versatility and personalization are in!

As for our Tungsten rings not only does it provide great aesthetic looks but the durability is unmatched. The Dura Tungsten rings are scratch proof, dent proof, will not tarnish, stays permanently polished and is virtually indestructible! How’s that for everything a man needs? The formula combines tungsten and titanium for a light weight ingredient. Then they are polished with diamond wheels for a shine that lasts forever. Resulting in a ring that always looks brand new without needing to be polished or shined! Something he can wear and go forever without having to think twice about the upkeep! How’s that for a busy man always on the go?

There are lots of choices to choose from as well so he gets a bit of his own unique style. Black and white Tungsten plus different bands of matte, gun powder, sterling silver, gold, and diamond inlays. Plus this kind of metal is very affordable making it an all-around great gift or engagement item.

The days of the traditional gold wedding band are long past and in today’s world it’s all about options. Why not get a comfortable band you are going to be wearing it for the rest of your life anyway!

Some trends are as follows.

Personalized Wedding rings

Think of what you do every day, working on construction site, sitting at a desk or going to the gym each morning- this all should be a guide as to your wedding ring choice. If you’re an extremist then choosing platinum over gold for durability is best also avoid matte finishes which can show scratches plus decorative details easily blunt after repeated knocks and gemstones can chip or trap dirt go more ergonomic if you are highly active.

Diamonds are a guy’s best friend?


Diamond wedding rings for men have come from being totally unusual to very acceptable. Some stylish guys love the sparkle and sophistication. After watches diamond wedding bands are one of the leading categories in men’s jewellery today. Plus you can coordinate your band with your wife’s diamond set wedding band. The best-selling styles are very subtle diamonds involving less than a full carat. The setting is flush with the surface to create a very smooth exterior and to prevent anything happening to the stone. Two popular men’s style setting incorporate gypsy and channel set round or square. Not just a typical icy white diamond can do either, some great gems for men are black, champagne, and yellow.

Platinum is White-Hot

Couples today appreciate the beauty of platinum and want their bands to be the best quality. A subdued matte finish is most popular at the moment, although this treatment requires some maintenance for any scratches that may occur.

Here at Secret Sapphire in Yaletown we have a wide selection of Tungsten rings including White Tungsten. We also can do custom rings as well so if you are looking to personalize your band or know someone who is then we have all kinds of options here for you. Come by and bring your man, boyfriend or husband to be to try on all these different styles and get the feel for how durable and light these rings really are!