Million Dollar Headphones

Diamonds DreIn Madonna’s material world, anything and everything you can imagine can be bought. During the Super Bowl halftime show this past weekend, she performed with the popular party anthem duo LMFAO, with SkyBlu rocking a set of exclusive Beats by Dre headphones – worth a cool $1 million.

The headphones are a special collaboration between Beats by Dre and jewelry house Graff Diamonds, who crafted 114 carats of diamonds to encrust in this set, custom made to match the extravagance of the Super Bowl. Besides the price tag and extra sparkle however, the pair has the same characteristics as any other Beats by Dre headphones on the inside, with sonic technology making them worthy of “million dollar ears”!Madonna

During the halftime show, LMFAO remixed their infectious “Party Rock Anthem” with Madonna’s “Music” complete of course, with all 3 shufflin’ across the stage.

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