Mothers Day Gift Ideas


With Mothers Day just around the corner there’s a lot of decisions to make on how to treat your precious mother, and since you only ever have one mom why not treat her to a solitaire! Honoring our mothers with something timeless, just like their love, is a special way to show them you care. Diamonds and pearls are always a good choice; it’s a classic look for mom.

An elegant solitaire necklace in any color will be very versatile for her wardrobe. With solitaires she can wear them casually or dress them up. You could choose a bright colour for the coming of spring like a beautiful green peridot or a more romantic look like a red ruby. She will really cherish the thoughtfulness you put into getting her this special gift. A solitaire is simple enough to wear every day and it can be a daily reminder of your love, to be worn next to her heart with pride!

Another good idea that’s always in style is pearls. Pearls historically symbolise purity, innocence, and wisdom. A pearl necklace worn four thousand years ago by the Persian queen Achemenid is still admired to this day. The pearl jewellery of Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra has become legendary. Of course your mother wants to be treated like a Queen, and pearls are a good way to make her feel like one. Freshwater pearls accentuate any wardrobe because of their variety of shape and color which include white, peach, and lavender. Saltwater pearls are the most popular and valuable on the market and come from exotic places such as Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Tahiti. If you can’t take your mother to paradise this year then treating her to something made from there brings her that much closer to a vacation right in her own hands.

A specially picked solitaire for your one and only mother this year can become a beautiful addition to her jewellery collection. Now at Secret Sapphire a luxury jewellery boutique in Yaletown we have just put out new solitaire necklaces in many different colors. Visit us in our luxury boutique shop to pick out the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!