My Experience at HOFU 2013: With Ilaria Lanzoni

ilaria lanzoniAt Hearts on Fire University 2013, I also had the pleasure of meeting Ilaria Lanzoni, the creative mind behind the Hearts on Fire jewelry collections. Ilaria is the first jewelry designer to work with Hearts on Fire, joining on as the Director of Design in early 2012 with 17 years of design expertise under her belt. Since then, she has created four spectacular collections: Copley, Illa, Lorelei, and Atlantico.

She spoke to us at length about her life and loves, out of which the inspirations for her collections were born. She is incredibly bubbly and fun, and lives her life to the fullest. Her versatile and classic sense of style really comes out in her jewelry designs.

illa pendantOne of her first collections is named after herself: Illa, a childhood nickname centers on the collection of light and stars in the night sky that she used to look up to in her hometown in Italy. When she first saw the otherworldly sparkle and brilliance of Hearts on Fire diamonds, it brought her back to her days as a little girl looking up at the stars with childlike wonder and dreaming big. This collection is effortlessly chic and timeless, with a message that connects to the little girl in all of us. It has something for everyone: from small star shaped studs, to bold rings and shooting star pendants, to exquisite constellation bracelets.

The Copley collection was created around one of Boston’s historic neighborhoods which is its’ namesake. When Ilaria first moved to Boston, MA, home to the headquarters of Hearts on Fire, she found herself transfixed by the majestic architectural metalwork that was so prominent in the neighborhood of Copley. It reminded her of the old-world European charm that she adored for its subtle elegance.Copley

Fluid, feminine lines and intricate lace are what inspires the Lorelei collection. Defining designs include bows, interlocked hearts, eternity symbols, and scalloped edges. Ilaria wanted this collection to be something to be shared with those special in our lives; between friends, lovers, and family.

One of Ilaria’s greatest passions is travelling around the world and absorbing different sights and cultures. It was from her journeys that the Atlantico collection was born. She was drawn to the imagery of the waves of the sea; to her it symbolized the journey of life, to be able to carry oneself from one place to another, unwavering and continuously changing. It can remind you of where you came from and where you are going. Atlantico pieces all feature the characteristic bold and twisted lines, which looks stunning in stacked rings (a perfect gift idea for each of atlantico ringsthe important milestones in life!).

Ilaria has really taken the Hearts on Fire brand to the next level with her innovative collections, combining the world’s most brilliant, sparkling diamonds with timeless designs. Her pieces have been very well received in the high-fashion world; the Illa collection in particular is a favorite amongst many fashion editors. We can’t wait to see how future collaborations with her turn out!