Mystic Topaz

TopazMystic topaz is a type of topaz that has been permanently treated and can show all the colors of the rainbow. This is achieved through a chemical process that coats the surface of the stone with an iridescent reflective coating. Typically, you can see yellow, purple, blue, green, pink and red hues or a combination of these. Common names include mystic fire topaz, titanium topaz, and rainbow topaz.

The process by which natural topaz is coated with the iridescent layer is a vapor or vacuum deposition – this is similar to the coating applied to sunglasses and marbles. A very thin layer of titanium metal atoms is applied to the stone creating the flash of rainbow colors on the surface.

Mystic topaz has all of the beneficial qualities of topaz too, such as being one of the hardest minerals in nature. Topaz has been cherished for centuries; due to its’ golden color the ancient Egyptians associated topaz with the Sun God Ra, and the Romans also associated it with the Sun in the form of the God Jupiter. Today, topaz mines are in places all around the world such as Brazil, Australia, Russia, the United States, and China to name a few.

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