Christie’s Geneva Presents: The Orange

The OrangeOn November 12th 2013, Christie’s will host their Sale of Magnificent Jewels in Geneva, Switzerland which will headline a spectacular diamond, dubbed simply as “The Orange”. The largest known orange diamond to date, the pear-shaped stone weighs an impressive 14.82 carats and has a very rare and distinctive pure orange hue. It is also classified as a type IIa diamond (which denotes the highest carbon chemical purity) that makes it all the more valuable, as less than 2% of all diamonds achieve this classification.

Pure orange diamonds like this one are also known as “fire diamonds”; a term coined by gemologist Edwin Streeter in his book, The Great Diamonds of the World. Orange diamonds are in fact one of the rarest occurring colors in natural diamonds, despite being lesser known than their pink and blue counterparts. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) notes that strongly colored orange diamonds are seldom above three or four carats. Among the few fancy vivid orange diamonds at auction, the largest was the “Pumpkin Diamond” weighing 5.54 carats, sold in 1997 by Sotheby’s for $1.3 million.

The Orange is estimated to fetch $17 to $20 million, but because a diamond of this size and color has no comparison, we may even see the sale price go far beyond the estimate. Along with over 280 other lots including period pieces, signed jewels, and Royal treasures, Christie’s Sale of Magnificent Jewels this November is surely one auction not to be missed.