Pearl Quality

Pearl EarringsWhile pearls are beautiful to look at, few people really know how to determine the difference in quality between them. Pearl quality is measured by numerous factors including type, thickness of nacre, luster, shape, colour and size. There are many different types of pearls; the four popular ones are Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea. Akoya pearls are usually a classic white colour and have his luster and shine. They are usually between 5mm and 11mm in size and found mainly in Japan and China. Freshwater pearls are commonly found in China and come from fresh water mussels. They come in various pastel shades and are the most durable and long lasting of all the types of pearls. Their size ranges between 2mm and 16mm. Tahitian pearls are found in the warm waters of the South Seas inside of black lipped oysters. They are the only naturally black pearls and range in size from 9mm to 16mm. South sea pearls are found in northern Australia and south-east Asia and come from oysters. Pearl NecklaceThey are often silver and gold coloured and range in size from 10mm to 20mm. They are the most expensive due to how rare they are and their thick nacre. Nacre is the substance from which a pearl is created, the thicker the nacre the more the pearl is worth. Luster is a characteristic of the nacre; it is how shiny the pearl is. Pearls that have high luster are considered high quality. The shape, colour and size of pearls all vary depending on the type.

Here at Secret Sapphire we offer a wide variety of the highest quality pearls from Akoya studs and drop earrings to Tahitian strands and necklaces. Come in to 493 Davie Street to have a look at some of our pearl jewelry.