Pearls Reborn

Kim KardashianThere is always a misconception that pearls are meant to be worn by aged women.

I’m here to tell you, things have changed, and younger people are redesigning pearls and making them cool once again.

Many of us follow the latest trends of fashionista, Kim Kardashian. One of her more recent fashion do’s include a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti x Kanye West’s sandals. Not only are these sandals an eye catcher, but they represent the age old pearl as a timeless accessory. She paired it perfectly with a fur wrap, and neutral tones.

Designers and jewelers are coming up with new innovative ideas to recreate pearls for the younger generation. From dark Tahitian pearls to pastel freshwater, the colors and styles vary and can accommodate to your personal style. Here at Secret Sapphire we carry new pearl necklaces and earrings which can accommodate to any occasion and age!

We have some necklaces which recently arrived. Thier length provides for a multi layered look which can be worn on a night on the town or even with a t-shirt and jeans. For more pearl styles, come by Secret Sapphire in Yaletown and check out our collection!