‘One Ring To Rule Them All’ 

Every woman, at some point in her life, will strive to find her own truly unique and ‘precious’….  The perfect diamond….  A rare standard of quality.  Craftsmanship that borders on obsession.  A diamond unlike any other in the world.

The true beauty of a diamond lies in its uniqueness. Every diamond has its own individual splendour and strengths.

With its superior cut, a ‘Hearts On Fire’ diamond is further distinguished by a breathtaking brilliance and an intensity that says what words cannot.  ‘Hearts On Fire’ specializes in two exceptional diamond cuts – ‘Hearts On Fire’ and ‘Dream’.  Both are extraordinary in their own ways.  Because of its perfectly symmetrical cut and increased surface area, a Hearts On Fire diamond captures that light and reflects it from the top, creating maximum brilliance and fire.

The ‘Hearts On Fire’ name was inspired by a natural phenomenon of light – each Hearts On Fire round, brilliant diamond displays a perfect ring of eight hearts when viewed from the bottom, and a perfectly formed symmetrical Fireburst when viewed from the top.

Worldwide, only a select group of craftsmen have mastered the skills necessary to meet the superlative standards set by ‘Hearts On Fire’. Proprietary technology enables these experts to perfectly position, hand-polish and analyse each facet at 100X magnification – 10 times the international and industry requirements.

Cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. These are the 4Cs traditionally used to determine a diamond’s value. But the value of a ‘Hearts On Fire’ diamond goes well beyond these conventional standards.  Because our master craftsmen excel at the most important of these four areas – the cut of the gem – ‘Hearts On Fire’ assures you an exceptional diamond. One that looks like no other, one that is indeed, ‘precious’.

First and foremost, we believe a diamond’s true beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. To truly appreciate the value of any diamond, we strongly recommend close inspection prior to a purchase decision. Our jewelers will be happy to present the unique beauty and value that comes from our superior craftsmanship, and show that a ‘Hearts On Fire’ diamond is The Most Perfectly Cut Diamond In The World. See the beauty for yourself under a Proportion Scope.

(Reference: www.heartsonfire.com)

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