Pets and Pearls

dogcollarA recent new column had been added for the Style 360 blog and it’s crazily about our little furry friends wearing unique classy jewelry! Animals are like family to many in the industry and that’s why Jewelers & Pets added a new column to their site to highlight some of the ridiculous looking snap shots of pets wearing jewelry. If you’ve done this before apparently you’re not alone as many people like to style and decorate their furry pet! Collars now come in an array of different stones, settings, jewels, and more, there is so much to dress up your pet with these days.

In Sydney Australia, owner A Passion for Pearls, Jane Jackson started to encourage customers to send photos of their pets wearing pearl jewelry. Her family thought she was crazy but when the photos started streaming through she felt verified that she was no longer alone and her weird fetish of seeing pets in jewelry was a hit! She receives photos of all kinds of animals wearing pearls including horses, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, snakes, turtles and a starfish! She has now started a Pearly Pet Competition and ask clients to send photos of their pets and she gives jewelry prizes to the winner, which will probably end up on their pet. With all the photos she has created A Pearly Pet calendar with some profits being donated to an Animal Welfare League, a charity that rescues refuge and unwanted animals.

Another pet lover and jewelry store owner Tiffany Peay, designer and owner of a store in Tiverton, adopted a beautiful golden retriever who was the runt in the litter and petpearlrequired bottle feeding, she nursed it back to health and they became best friends. She named her Kashie and the dogs temperament was amazing, she brings her into the shop and it makes people relax, especially men. Since she had her in the shop all the time she decided to create a special collar for her made out of freshwater pearls. She created a bejeweled collar by stringing inexpensive freshwater pearls on silver wire then sewing them onto a store bought leather dog collar. Peay also made a few for a store shop display; she had them available for wholesale purchase and custom orders. She has made two other collars one with a single row of 11-14 mm, natural pink freshwater pearl on sterling silver wire for $375, and another on leather with double row of 7-8mm, dyed chocolate freshwater pearl and sterling silver wire for the same price.

Whether you’re into it or not raising the cute factor of an animal with a beautiful pearl collar seems like a good idea! There are also custom made dog tags and many other ideas to place around your furry friend. Just another idea on what to do with pearls and jewelry now you both can enjoy them!