The 12.27 Carat Majestic Pink Diamond is up For Sale

Pink DiamondIn the past couple of years, the jewelry industry has seen a rapid increase in the demand for large, high-quality pink diamonds; they are often not bought to wear, but for value investment. While the demand is escalating, the supply is dwindling away. Pink diamonds in and of themselves are already exceedingly rare (only 0.7% of all gem quality diamonds). Coupled with a fancy vivid or fancy intense color designation, over five carats in weight, and exceptional clarity – for these special few, the rarity cannot be understated.

The most recent significant diamond to be available for sale is the Majestic Pink Diamond, a 12.27 VVS1 fancy pink, modified cushion cut. It also holds a Type IIa designation, which means that the stone contains only a very small trace, if any, of nitrogen impurities. Type IIa is very rare among diamonds and is highly prized for the resulting exceptional color and brilliance. The Majestic Pink is mounted on an 18K rose gold and platinum ring, surrounded by four colorless baguette diamonds in the setting. It is being sold by a private jewelry firm for an asking price of $7.85 million.

Sales of these museum quality pink diamonds are typically run by world-renowned auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s in major trade cities across the globe such as Hong Kong, New York, and London. It is not uncommon for these stones to fetch one-and-a-half or even double of the pre-auction estimates, as in the case of the Martian Pink, which held a presale estimate of $8-12 million and sold for $17.4 million last year at Christie’s Hong Kong.