Pink Miracle

Diamond MineConsidered to be the most intense and vibrant diamond, pink diamonds are the ultimate symbol of femininity, grace and love. Besides their intensely beautiful shimmer, pink diamonds are the only diamonds that leave scientists dumbfounded.

Unlike other diamonds, the origin of the pink diamond is pure luck. It is a natural deformation of the diamond crystal, therefor extremely scarce in supply. Pink diamonds are only found in a few mines across the entire world. Today, the ONLY mine in the world to produce a constant volume of pink diamonds is in Western Australia, the Argyle Mine. To put the scarcity in perspective, for every million carats of rough diamond production at the Argyle mine, only one carat is suitable for sale in its Tender.Mine

In the 17th and 18th century however other mines of pink diamonds were present. The Golconda River in India, Brazil and Tanzania all produced the wonderful diamond. But now, only the Argyle remains in production.

Due to its high rarity, the pink diamond is extremely expensive, and highly sought after.

Pink diamonds came into spotlight after artist Jennifer Lopez wore a 6.5 carat, heart-shaped diamond engagement ring. This brought attention to the elite and fashionable across the world.J-Lo

Here at Secret Sapphire in Yaletown, we carry pink diamond jewellery, the stones are brought in from Western Australia. Our largest ring is designed by our very own, Monica Tsao! If you would like to view the ring, or get one custom made for yourself or significant other, please call our location and book an appointment for a private consultation.