Promise Rings

Promise RingPromise rings are an age old tradition of exchanging rings with a loved one to show your commitment to each other. The ring symbolizes a promise between two people. This promise is commonly for a future wedding or engagement, but can also be for friendship, purity or religion.Promise Ring

These rings date all the way back to the late 16th century. In this time period, when a man intended to get married but could not afford it, he would give his fiancé a promise ring as a placeholder until marriage became possible. Then in the 17th century it became a status symbol and was offered as a dowry. It was a representation of the wealth of the soon to be husband. In the 18th century it got a more romantic connotation as it was given as a sign that you would give your life to the other person and love them with all your heart. Now, these rings are exchanged to show a commitment between two people who are not yet able to or wanting to get married or engaged.

Promise RingHere at Secret Sapphire we offer a variety of promise rings for men and women as well as custom pieces. Monica Tsao, co-founder and graduate gemologist, can help you design a special promise ring for your loved one. Call us at 604-558-3638 to book an appointment today!