Why You Should Propose with a Loose Stone

DiamondsIf the idea of proposing without a ring doesn’t appeal to you and she hasn’t dropped any hints of what she wants, consider buying a loose stone. This way, you won’t be empty-handed at the proposal and it guarantees she will be happy with the finished ring. Unconventional as it may be, here are the reasons why you should propose with a loose stone:

1) First of all, the element of surprise is a myth. Women are very intuitive – she probably already knows that you are planning to propose.

2) She might have an idea of her “dream” ring already. It will be very difficult for you to determine not only the style of ring (i.e. three-stone vs. halo vs. solitaire) but also the smaller details such as milgraining, proportion of pave to diamond, prong set or basket set, the list goes on and on. This brings us to the next point:

3) Women usually know more about jewellery than men. After all, when was the last time you have seen your married male friends compare and discuss their wedding bands?

4) It takes more pressure off of you, and this way you can propose to her sooner. Instead of laboring over which design you want and waiting weeks for the ring to be finished/sized, you can dedicate more time to finding the perfect stone and propose right after.

5) It is almost impossible to get her exact ring size. Rings can range in differences of 1/8th of a size, and it is not uncommon for women who pick out their own ring to come back in a few months because it is too loose/tight. See the related post: Tips for Discreetly Measuring Ring Size.

6) If she seems disappointed with the size of the stone, tell her it looks bigger once it’s set (it always does) or she can pick out a setting that will make the diamond seem larger, like a halo.

When it comes to other pieces of jewelry that she might wear occasionally, it is perfectly acceptable to pick out something for her yourself. However, the engagement ring is something that BOTH of you will see every day, so it’s best to let her have a say in how it looks.

At Secret Sapphire, we can simplify your search for a loose stone. After a casual consultation in which we will get to know your preferences and budget, we will get to work sourcing you a couple of stones to look at. Together, you will inspect each one with a GIA Graduate Gemologist and hopefully will find the stone. After you propose, you and your fiancée can come in to browse our selection of Hearts on Fire settings or commission us to custom make a setting for you. Call us at 604 558 3638 to book an appointment.