The Aurora Pyramid of Hope

DiamondsThe single most comprehensive natural color diamond collection in the world, the Aurora Pyramid of Hope features 295 diamonds, all uniformly displayed equidistant from each other in the form of a triangular “pyramid” shape.

The collection was put together in the 1980’s and 1990’s by two men: Harry Rodman, a veteran gold refiner from the Bronx, and Alan Bronstein, a diamond dealer from New Jersey. After Mr. Rodman had retired and sold his gold refining firm, he developed an almost-obsession over colored diamonds. In an interview with Rodman in 1979, he stated that his burning passion for acquiring these stones began when he saw a “fabulous canary yellow diamond that glowed with the hue of the sun.” Around this time, he and Mr. Bronstein became very close and from here, they both fueled the others’ passion for collecting colored diamonds; the result being the magnificent Aurora Pyramid of Hope.

The name “aurora” came from Rodman, who travelled frequently and found that the varieties of color reminded him of the aurora borealis.

The collection is now housed in the mezzanine gallery of the Natural History Museum in London, which is home to other famous English treasures such as the 1,384 carat Devonshire Emerald and a replica of Queen Victoria’s Koh-i-noor Diamond.

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