Rarest Of Them All

Red DiamondMost people would assume the most rare diamond would be flawless, no color at all. But the truth is natural colored diamonds are most rare. Of all the diamond colors, red diamonds are the rarest, so rare that many jewelers don’t get the chance to see one throughout their entire lifetime. So why are red diamonds the rarest of them all? The reason is because there are about less than 20 of them those existences. The origin of the color within the stone is a mystery to us, but it is thought that red diamonds get their color from the nitrogen atom. The least you know about something makes it rare!

One of the biggest red diamonds ever discovered is the Moussaieff Red Diamond also known as the Red Shield, which only weighs 5.11 carats with a triangular brilliant cut and is worth $7 million. The carat size seems relatively small compared to the other diamonds but this also contributes into the rarity factor.

If you are ever lucky enough to see a red diamond, you will notice it does not resemble a ruby, garnet or other red gemstone in color, it is a red of its own – an indescribable red. But also don’t mistake a red diamond with a dark pink diamond, although we may not be able to tell with our naked eyes. All other natural color diamonds have the prefix ‘intense’ or ‘vivid’ in their color grading scale to determine its value, beside red diamond because gemological laboratories consider the red color itself as ‘intense’ or ‘vivid’.

The rarity of the gems is reflected in their price and each carat of a true red diamond amount to more than seven figures. Dollar sign ($) speaks louder than words.