Ring Cam: Capture the Moment She Says “Yes!”

ring camThanks to a new innovative engagement ring box called the Ring Cam, couples can now capture the very emotional, unforgettable moment of proposal in high definition video.

It is simple and effective in its design: from the outside, it simply looks like another luxurious ring box, but inside it is equipped with high-quality video and audio capabilities. Customized carved cherry wood and wrapped in black velvet, the box actually conceals a wide-angle auto focus lens mounted close to the ring which captures video as if from the ring’s perspective. With the push of a button, the camera will turn on and record up to twenty minutes of video in 720p HD. Push another button, and it will allow the proposer to record the entire proposal speech while the box is hidden out of sight – in a pocket, under the table or anywhere in reach.

The Ring Cam is the brainchild of six Hope College graduates, born out of a desire to help couples they knew. “We’ve had a lot of friends get engaged in the last five or six months,” says co-founder Sam Zhou. “In listening to their stories, how excited they are and all the things they do getting ready to propose, we thought, ‘How awesome would it be to capture that moment on video?’ring cam

“We just wanted to help them capture the moment themselves.”
It costs $85 to rent a box, which includes a video-editing service composed of a montage of photos provided by the couple and footage from the proposal, set with background music of your choice. Definitely a small price to pay for a memento that can last a lifetime. Check out their website www.GetRingCam.com for more details.

Of course, a great proposal is nothing without the perfect ring! Ask us how we can help you create a ring for The One in your life. Call us at (604) 558 – 3638 or stop by our Vancouver, BC location for a complimentary consultation.