Tips for Discreetly Measuring Ring Size

Ring onYou are a romantic at heart – you love to give surprises. Up until now, you have played it safe in the gift department, opting for safe jewelry choices such as a pair of earrings or a pendant, or other traditional gifts of chocolates and flowers. You don’t want to guess her shoe or clothing size, in case she has to go through the hassle of exchanging items or having hurt feelings. For engagement rings however, you are likely on your own. Here are some great tips to help you in determining the ring size you should get.

If she already owns a ring that she wears on her fourth finger, you are in luck! There are numerous online guides that you can print out that outlines the circumference of each ring size, to which you can match up her ring to the closest fit. If you are in a pinch, there are also a few smartphone apps that do the same thing – just place the ring on your phone screen.

If she does not wear a ring, you can (discreetly) compare your fingers to hers to see which is the closest – it is usually the littlest finger – and if she wears a ring that is not on her fourth finger you can use that as a relative reference point.

If the above do not work for you, you can also ask the advice of your jeweller. They have seen numerous women come in with their rings and generally have a pretty good sense of what size will fit. When given external factors such as the approximate height, weight, and whether or not she has small bones, the estimate will be more accurate. The average size is 6, but remember it is better to err on the larger side if stuck between two sizes – it is usually easier to size down than up.

At Secret Sapphire Luxury Jewellery, we offer the Hearts on Fire collection of engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as custom made services. The first resize is on us, and our protocol is to be especially careful and consistent when ring sizing a client. The jewellery can look beautiful on you, but if it’s not comfortable you won’t want to wear it! We urge our clients to try on many sizes before deciding on one, as it can compromise the metal integrity if resized too many times. Through our custom made designs, we can be even more specific: while mass-produced jewellery generally comes in intervals of one size or half sizes, we can go up to one-eighth of a size.

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