Silver Fever


In the past year, the price of silver has been fluctuating throughout the market. As of December 13th, the price has reached an approximate $31 per ounce. As of December 13th the price of gold has raised much higher, $1,630 per ounce. Because of this fluctuation designers have directed their focus to silver, and are creating fun ways to make it more appealing to customers.

Reports say that by the end of 2011, silver prices could reach a high of $250. The reason for this rise in prices is due silvers high demand. 40% of silver use is industrial. Silver is used in solar batteries, water purification, cell phones, plasma TV’s and even circuit boards.

With the rate and demand for silver increasing, jewelers are beginning to become more creative with the precious metal. Kendra Bridal Weinman, founder and lead designer of Lusciouss jewellery has created a fun and unique way of making her necklaces, bracelets and most famed, earrings.

Lace-Inspired Sterling Silver 2 3/4" Ear Drops from the Temptress CollectionKendra’s avant-garde designs capture every customer’s eyes as they walk into Secret Sapphire. Her main focus is to resemble the complex and varying emotions of a woman into her pieces. Seductive Siren, Temptress, Goddess, Natural Beauty and Precious Princess are the different emotions Kendra resembles her pieces to. From nights out on the town to business meetings, Lusciouss accommodates every occasion.

Secret Sapphire is one of the only stores in Yaletown Vancouver to carry Lusciouss. Come by and check out our sparkling collection, you won’t regret it!!