Feel Lusciouss In Silver Jewellery Whatever Your Mood

lusciousWhile men’s preferences remain fairly consistent over time, women, as is their prerogative, change the way they feel about things regularly. For example, over a month a woman will move from being attracted to strong extrovert and very masculine men to gentler, softer and introspective men based on her hormone levels. And so it is no surprise that she may express herself differently at these times as well.

Lusciouss designer Kendra Bridelle is highly conscious of this trait and also recognises the significance of jewellery as a personal touch to an outfit, one that is worn to express how you feel that day. Often jewellery is received as a gift and many pieces will have sentimental value to the wearer providing a feeling of connection to the story or memory that surrounds it. Kendra’s designs aim to capture the profound, complex and often contradictory emotions of Woman.

While catering to your changing moods, Lusciouss jewellery advocates inner strength and stands firmly behind its Sirens In Style Code of conduct: always look fabulous, always over-accessorize, always wear your matching attitude, always enhance your clothing with jewellery, always be: strong, stylish and smoldering, know what you have and flaunt it!

Secret Sapphire Luxury Jewellery in Vancouver carries stunning examples of Lusciouss jewellery. Lines featured in store include Seductive Siren “for a woman who wants to look and feel sensual and daring”; Temptress “for the alarmingly feminine and provocative female”; and Goddess “for the gorgeously girly woman who’s feeling flirtatious, fun and charming”.

Light and lacy sterling silver with interesting gemstones such as blue topaz over mother of pearl (featured above). Rings, necklaces and earrings made with a feminine touch that play in the light creating intriguing fluidity and graceful lines. Secret Sapphire invites you to visit the store at 493 Davie Street in Vancouver to see these pieces for yourself and remind you that just like clothes, jewellery has to be worn to be understood.