Singapore International Jewellery Show 2012

Ceylon blue sapphireThe Singapore International Jewelry Show is back again this year, showcasing more than $120 million worth of exquisite diamond and large natural gemstone jewelry! Celebrating eight continuous years running, this year’s show is touted to be the largest jewelry show to date with 190 exhibitors from 22 countries, spanning a total area of 7,700sq m.

The show will headline a truly heart-stopping gem: a natural 99-carat Ceylon blue sapphire. Estimated at around $6 million, it possesses both the coveted intense cornflower blue hue and velvety lustre – qualities that are highly sought after in the best sapphires. Its’ color could be attributed to its country of origin, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) a region which is known for producing some of the finest cornflower blue sapphire shades available. Jewels

This particular gem comes with a Platinum Rarity Award Issue certificate from the Gem Research Swisslab (GRS), an award that is granted to very few gems for their outstanding quality and rarity. To receive this prestigious title, the gem is cross-referenced to records and data of similar high-profile gems that have passed through recognized international auction houses and must possess a rare combination of size, color, and reflection.

The show will also debut the Gassan 121 diamond, the world’s first diamond to have 121 facets – as opposed to a regular round brilliant cut diamond, containing 57 facets. Among the items on display, there is an 18 karat white and yellow gold dragon pendant necklace. It features intricate detailing on the dragon body, and is attached to an imperial jade circle carving, with an array of diamonds, rubies, and a fire opal center.

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