Soviet Star’s Stones Sold

Ludmila ZykinaA selection of valuable jewelry pieces belonging to the legendary Russian singer Ludmila Zykina went up for auction in Moscow earlier this month. Known for both her compelling voice and lifelong love for precious stones, her whole jewelry collection fetched over $1 million.

The singer passed of a heart attack in 2009 at the age of 80, after having celebrated several decades of a fruitful career. Ludmila Zykina captured the ears and hearts of varying audiences throughout the country, drawing in farm workers to businessmen to even prominent political leaders and the royal family. Among her influential admirers included Stalin, Khrushchev, and Gorbachev. Her powerful voice carried her on at least 5 tours in the USSR and to over 92 different countries, performing for foreign presidents and artists including Frank Sinatra and Charlie Chaplin. Once, The Beatles even suggested recording an album with her!Ludmila Zykina

Zykina knew that “diamonds are forever” long before she heard the song from the Bond movie of the same name. She favored rare one-off pieces, in particular diamonds and emeralds of high calibre and size, which were the talk of the town for decades. Some of these rare pieces were given to her by the heads of states.

Notable items at the auction included a necklace of 127 diamonds –gifted to her by the President of Azerbaijan– for $70,000, a Chinese set of a silver bracelet and a pair of rings for over $100,000. However, the showstopper was her favorite pair of earrings featuring a 7 carat diamond, earning over $220,000.

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