Special Promotion: Buy Three Bonn Bons for the Price of Two!

lori bonnIt’s the charm bracelet all grown up… discovering the Bonn Bons collection at Secret Sapphire is even more fun now with our new promotion, buy two charms get one free! There are so many different charms that you can create to suit anyone, for any occasion.

They will make a wonderful gift for any special lady in your life. The vast collection allows for personalization and versatility in the charms, with  an option to switch the charms out from a bracelet to a ring or necklace and back. Aside from having almost every color available in gemstones, the themed collections offer unique motifs of animals, birthstones, flowers, safaris, beach and tropical charms. It can also simplify gift-giving for you, as for every special occasion or milestone you can gift new charms to add onto an existing collection. It is easy to put together a bracelet that will reflect personal style and interests, which will keep it sentimental.Charms

This is the bracelet I put together for myself: pearls, a pop of pink and peacock colors! The pink and pearls give it a feminine and luxurious feel, and the green offers some contrast. I wear mostly neutral colors so this bracelet will add some interest to any outfit. Don’t be afraid to play with bold colors or interesting pieces. It was so hard to choose because there are so many beautiful charms, but half the fun is trying to mix and match them. There are endless combinations so whatever you choose is sure to be unique. Come down to Secret Sapphire and have some fun with Bonn Bons with us!