Splitting the Cost on an Engagement Ring – Would You?

proposalThe tradition of engagement goes something like this: a man decides when he wants to get married to his sweetheart, so he goes out to buy an engagement ring and asks the father’s permission for his daughter’s hand in marriage (all in secret) before going down on one knee and presenting her with a diamond ring. These days however, we see more people who don’t follow this tradition than people who do.

Some couples opt not to even get married in the first place; some are very transparent with their intentions, some might already be sharing finances so nothing comes as a surprise. For example, here at Secret Sapphire we see many couples who come in together to shop for their engagement ring. And while some follow the tradition of a diamond engagement ring, we also have made many rings with colored gemstones: ruby, emerald, alexandrite, zircon, aquamarine, sapphires in all colors, you name it. So when it comes to paying for the engagement ring, do many still follow the tradition of the man paying for it all?

According to wedding website The Knot’s recent online survey, while the incidence of going Dutch on the engagement ring is up, opinions about the topic are mixed. Those for the idea argue that it makes sense to split the cost as their finances will be shared soon anyway, and those against the idea argue that it is the biggest romantic gesture they will ever receive, it should be a gift from the heart.

Are you all for splitting the cost, or are you more traditional? Let us know what you think!