Spring 2013 Colours In Jewellery

SpringColor authority Pantone is forecasting a dominance of bright vivid hot reds and yellows among cool neutral pastel blues and soft greens and purples for spring this year.

The color spectrum gives lots of room to get creative with colored gemstone jewelry. Rich blue and purple jewels, you could stick to silver to shimmer with your neutral tones, or use ruby and yellow gold to add surprise pops of color.

1. Emerald, (Pantone’s color of the year for 2013), brings “luxury and elegance to the palette.” Emeralds and imperial jade, also chrysophase work well. Some turquoise is also green enough for this swatch.

2. Mykonos Blue, “a bold, meditative blue for a classic and relaxed fall look.” Look for sapphires, lapis lazuli, deep rich blue.

3. Linden Green “brings a lightness and brightness to the deeper shades of fall.” Citrine, yellow diamond, green amethyst. This shade is between yellow and green so any of the translucent stones within this color range look great.

4. Acai “adds mystery and richness to the palette, and can be incorporated with the other colors to create a number of powerful fall combinations.” Rich purple amethyst, pink sapphire, Tahitian pearls.

5. Samba, “red for an expressive and dramatic look.” Rubies rule this category.

6. Koi, “a decorative orange with dazzling and shimmering qualities, is a statement color that serves as a pick-me-up for your wardrobe.” Check out cognac diamonds or carnelian.

7. Deep Lichen Green, “a naturally lush shade of green, for a dynamic juxtaposition that captures both ends of the seasonal spectrum.” This soft tone looks beautiful in labradorite, smoky quartz, and tones in beautifully with south sea pearls.

8. Vivacious, “an unruly and wildly deep fuchsia, adds an ebullient sensuality to the palette.” Pink sapphires, pink diamonds, pink druzy – be bold.

9. Turbulence, “a dark mercurial gray.” Go silver rather than gold with this. Or wear grey clothes and use gold jewelry as your accent.

10. Carafe, “a rich, glamorous brown, (that along with Turbulence) provides more interesting and sophisticated alternatives to the black basics usually worn in colder months.” Try black onyx set in yellow gold, or tigerseye which shows off all shades of brown from nearly black to golden.

At Secret Sapphire luxury jewellery in Yaletown, Vancouver, we have a range of colored gemstones in stock. Recharge your Bonn Bonn bracelet with the shades of the season, or try one of Margo Morrison’s gemstone necklaces to add a sparkle and pop of color to your neutral outfit. Gemmologist and jewelry designer, Monica Tsao specializes in colored diamonds and other gemstones. Check out her blog http://monicatsao.com/blog/ to see her previous custom pieces. The store is located at 493 Davie Street and is open Tuesday –Saturday 10.30-5.30, drop in or call us at 604-558-3638 to book an appointment.