Stone Setting Styles

RingSo much goes into an engagement ring, different styles and stones and metals, that you can be overwhelmed by all the choices available. The best thing to do is take it one step at a time. If you already have a stone in mind, this will be a good place to start.

The stone setting is an integral part of any ring design as it will help showcase the main stone and lend character to the ring. All other things being equal, different stone settings can change the look of a ring completely.

The most popular style is the solitaire prong setting. For a round stone there are typically four or six prongs (fancy shapes will have more or less depending on which shape), with each prong extending from the same point on the ring base to support and protect the center stone. This type of setting uses the least metal, creating the illusion of a floating diamond above the band. It also serves to allow light to pass through diamonds optimally for maximum brilliance.

Similar to the prong setting, the basket setting looks just as it sounds: a miniature metal basket composed of two small rings laid horizontally and four prongs extending from the bottom ring to form a square base. There are some limitations of this setting; it is not ideally suited to fragile stones, and has a tendency of becoming loose if the basket is not perfectly sized to the stone. Consult your jeweler if you are concerned about these issues. Ring

With the bezel setting, you can be sure that your stone is secure. A ring of metal surrounds the entire stone and wraps around the corners of the top facets. Because there is all metal surrounding the sides of the stone however, reflective brilliance is diminished slightly. A half-bezel will have two open sides.

Closely related to the bezel is the bar or channel setting. The stone is placed between two raised metal bars on either side. This creates a uniform appearance as the metal looks as though it is one fluid piece holding the stone.

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