What Is A Synthetic Diamond?

Synthetic DiamondMany people wonder what the difference between natural and synthetic diamonds are. The most obvious difference between the two is that natural diamonds are found inside the Earth whereas synthetic diamonds are manufactured in a factory or laboratory rather than an mined underground. The common misconception is that these synthetic diamonds are ‘fake’. When in actuality the diamonds are still diamonds, its just that they are just not naturally occurring ones.

The most common way to distinguish a synthetic diamond from a natural one is the size. Statistically speaking, there is only one fancy colored diamond for every 10,000 colorless ones. Naturally, the synthetic market makes a high number of fancy diamonds due of the rarity of natural ones. Therefore, if you come across a fancy colored diamond, you have either uncovered a natural rarity worth an arm and a leg, or you have found a synthetic version. Of course, if your diamond comes with a certificate (as it should) it will indicate whether it is a natural or synthetic diamond.

As expected, the synthetic diamond market is growing due to the high prices of natural ones. Most customers however would prefer a natural diamond since it is a natural rare treasure, which there is no duplicate of.

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