Dynamic Duo of Jewels Once Owned by Pope Paul VI Auction for $1.9 Million

pope paul viTwo extremely rare papal treasures once owned by Pope Paul VI have resurfaced recently and are up for auction at New Orleans-based M.S. Rau Antiques. Together, the diamond and emerald cross and diamond halo ring share a combined estimate of over $1.9 million.

The duo was famously donated by the Pope to the United Nations in 1965, in hopes that the proceeds would help aid humanitarian efforts. Two (more…)

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Get Lucky with the Color of the Year: Emerald Green

EmeraldThe Pantone Color Institute has dubbed Emerald as being the Color of the Year for 2013.

Each year, the color authority surveys color influences around the world through high fashion designers’ collections, films in production, travel destinations, art collections and more. They have unveiled the annual color choice this week, Emerald, describing it as “a lively, radiant, lush green.” It will be (more…)

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History of the Asscher Cut

AsscherThere are many shapes to choose from when picking a diamond, and it all really comes down to personal preference and style. The Asscher shape is a step-cut stone, meaning its facets are long and rectangular, lending to its appearance a glassy shine and large flashes of brilliance.

The Asscher cut was named after the Asscher brothers who developed the original 58-facet cut in 1902. They were the (more…)

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The Role Inclusions Play in Colored Gems

InclusionsMany people may hear “visible inclusions” and immediately get scared off. While this may be justified for diamonds, the colored stones market holds a completely different set of standards. This is because diamonds and colored stones owe their appeal to different factors; the most prized diamonds are high in clarity and display optical brilliance, while the most prized quality in colored stones is the (more…)

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Worlds Most Expensive Saree

SareeOnce again we are shown that gems are not just made for jewelry. Sarees are and have been a staple look for Indian women throughout the ages. They have dressed them down for everyday wear and dressed them up for special occasions. This intricately hand-woven saree is unique in that it is being entered into the Book of World Records for being the most unique and expensive saree in the world.

The (more…)

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Gemstones Uncovered: Tanzanite

TanzaniteTanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone of a bluish hue with a hint of purple around the edges. The name is borrowed from the East African state of Tanzania, the only place in the world where it has been found. Despite its rarity and limited supply, tanzanite is a comparatively inexpensive choice for gemstone jewelry.

As far as history goes, tanzanite is one of the newest gemstones to be discovered (more…)

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Sunken Treasure

TreasureAll eyes are on a real estate investor who doubles as a treasure hunter, Jay Miscovich and his big find. After pouring money into his escapades in search of treasure, Miscovich discovered every hunters dream.

After purchasing a nautical map from a diver in the Gulf of Mexico, Miscovich was led to an underwater area covered in emeralds as well as amethysts. In order to convince investors, Miscovich (more…)

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Soviet Star’s Stones Sold

Ludmila ZykinaA selection of valuable jewelry pieces belonging to the legendary Russian singer Ludmila Zykina went up for auction in Moscow earlier this month. Known for both her compelling voice and lifelong love for precious stones, her whole jewelry collection fetched over $1 million.

The singer passed of a heart attack in 2009 at the age of 80, after having celebrated several decades of a fruitful career. (more…)

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Fabergé Reveals the Romanov Necklace

Famous NecklaceThe House of Fabergé, one of the most renowned jewelry houses in the world, has unveiled yet another one of their masterpieces – the Romanov Necklace. Fabergé is most well known for their extravagant, decorative eggs; made by the hundreds from 1885 to 1917, with some even specially made for the Royal Families of Russia.

The Romanov is a spectacular contemporary emerald and diamond collar necklace, (more…)

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