World’s Most Exclusive Lunch

Crown JewelAs part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Queen Elizabeth is held a lunch for sovereign monarchs.

It was the biggest gathering of monarchs (outside of royal weddings and funerals) seen since 2002, which was the Queen’s previous Golden Jubilee dinner celebration for European sovereign monarchs. The guest list included the European crowned heads of state – Norway, Sweden, and Denmark were in attendance, (more…)

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Magic Number 136

Elizabeth Taylor Exhibit

Elizabeth Taylor, one of the great Hollywood film legends and fashion icon of our day has recently passed away, leaving behind her massive jewelry collection. The collection went up for auction at Christie’s New York in early December.

Her collection is an array of diamonds, pearls, and precious stones amounting to 1,778 lots. Included were some royal jewels such as the famous La Peregrina, (more…)

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