That Sparkle In Your Eyes

As if changing your eyes from blue to brown in 20 seconds wasn’t enough, an optometrist in India was inspired by the jewels placed on his wife’s teeth and innovated a crazy new type of eye wear. Chandrashekhar Chawan from India’s Shekhar Eye Research Center created a new way to fashion your eyes. Diamond encrusted and gold plated contact lenses are the talk of the town!

Diamond LensOnly costing you $15,000 a pair, Chawan thinks these contact lenses will be the new Hollywood trend. Chawan however, intends to put the profits of the pricey eyewear towards treating patients suffering from Stevens Johnson Syndrome, a skin disease than often leads to loss of vision.

Although these contacts are not FDA approved, Chawan states the lenses are comfortable and safe! The eyewear comes in four designs: white gold, 18 diamonds on white gold, yellow gold, and 18 diamonds on yellow gold. They sit either 6mm or 9mm away from your cornea.

Chawan stated ““I got mixed responses — some said its looks scary, but most of the people loved it.”

Who knows, they could be love at first sight!

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